Iitate and past Hisanohama work

We started with Taku Namikawa and his work in Hisanohama. As we know, recovery is a long process, and in that process we found that we had to work with Kita-Iwaki and also change our focus from Hisanohama to where they were having the Harbor Festival! But we did manage to send enough for a little fireworks and were gratified that the wire made it on time despite a few glitches on this side.

The owls are from Iitate (farming community) that was evacuated because of the nuclear incident. We now have a growing relationship with them. A part of the group is creating a business out of the once community based sewing group which will now become a community based business group! The big and little things they fashion are useful, sometimes just for fun and sometimes really enlightening to the Californian as to how the cultures live differently.

There is a word in Iitate ‘Madei’ – Pronounced ‘mah-day’ –  in the local dialect which means “respectfully, considerately, modestly, with care, with spirit, without haste and without waste”.
The new project is called ‘The Madei Project.’



Obon & Farmers Market Sales!

Thank you to everyone who have donated and bought items so far! We’ve noted that the little pouches, hair clips and owls have been very popular! The donation totals will be published soon and we’ll be working at sending the accumulated donations to Hisanohama in time for them to buy fireworks for the mid-August festival!

‘Made in Fukushima’ – Items to be sold to help Hisanohama!

AT OBON July 14-15 in Japantown San Jose
Look at these! Just some examples of the items that will be available from mid-June at select stores in Japantown San Jose to help raise funds for Iitate in Fukushima! At this table on the SE corner of 5th & Jackson. There will be a donation box for Hisanohama’s Fireworks Festival at the same table!

All of the items to be sold are constructed by people in Fukushima from kimono that people around Japan have donated for the purpose of helping to revive the crafts industry.

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Work during 2011

Taku Namikawa (front row center) and a few hearty, energetic, talented and dedicated people comprised a team of volunteers that worked at cleaning up the town. And as they were doing this, they knew that they had to cheer people onward also! So much had been lost. They started thinking about a Fireworks Festival (Hanabi […]

Hello World!

Stay with us to see how we’re doing in raising money for the 2012 August Iwaki Hisanohama Fireworks Festival!